We are an independent, boutique theatre showcase that annually presents a collection of stimulating original productions. Our longterm vision is to impact Off Broadway theatre in a substantial way by offering fully curated, finished plays that are truly ready for a larger stage. 

Toward that end:

  • We are devoted to participating in the evolution of artists and their work to create great theatre that continues to live long after their BBTF premieres.

  • We provide playwrights with a professional venue and the tools they need to effectively and affordably produce and market their plays with our continual support.

  • We employ a blind submission process that allows for the anonymous selection of the highest caliber of plays and musicals. The playwright’s identity, race, ethnicity, religion, abilities, age, sexual preference and gender identity never impacts the selection process.

  • Out of hundreds of submissions, no more than 20 scripts are handpicked per season to ensure personal attention can be give to all our participants throughout their journey.

  • We maintain a level of professionalism in all areas of our process and create an environment of encouragement, respect and support for all our playwrights.

  • We embrace the concept that theatre is a collaborative medium, as it takes more than just the playwright to bring a script successfully from the page to the stage.

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival was founded to create a theatrical celebration of the highest standard that truly values playwrights and their work.


​BBTF's alumni have achieved additional success and continue to use the skills gained from their BBTF experience to create, present and produce.

We invite submissions from all over the world to be considered by our panel of industry professionals as participants in our repertoire.




  • Embracing the festival spirit by accepting only new, complete works by exceptional playwrights

  • Expanding the festival definition by working closely with playwrights in producing their plays within the festival framework

  • Educating and nurturing new playwrights to develop their work for the bigger stage

"I did not once feel out of the loop and knew that any question I had, would be answered immediately. This may sound obvious but let it be known that this support is not always found. It is always great to have a team believe in your work and give you honest feedback. They care about good storytelling and don’t pretend for one second that it’s an easy journey to get right. The motto is, “No one is going to love your play more than you” and although they say they could only try, I think they’re pretty close to it."

Juan Ramirez, Jr. 

The American Dream

2017 Season


We created BBTF as a festival in the truest spirit of that word. Veering away from the standard competition format, which pits playwright against playwright, BBTF fosters an environment of support and friendship, from the festival staff to the panelists, as well as cultivating the spirit of cooperation between participants by encouraging them to work for and with each other.


Collaboration is one of our cornerstones. Once accepted into BBTF, playwrights become part of something much bigger than just themselves and their productions. They are provided with multiple workshops, regular educational packets, an interactive online playwrights forum, as well as roundtable talkbacks discussing their shows. All of this creates a constructive, encouraging environment between fellow playwrights and a creative community accepting of all, exclusive of none. We are most proud of the support we at BBTF give our playwrights.

Past years of BBTF have been exclusive to straight plays. With the sad news of the closing of New York Musical Festival—an honored institution in this city’s festival industry—BBTF has decided to open its submissions to musical playwrights. For the first time since our inception, we welcome musicals and performance arts pieces. This a reversal of our longstanding policy of accepting 90 minute straight plays only. But we feel we would not be living up to our mission if we didn’t try to provide a venue for this valuable form of theatre and the amazing artists who create it. Make no mistake. We are not replacing NYMF. We are simply extending our very successful BBTF model to include musicals. 


We are the only festival that does not put its stamp on productions as they continue on after the festival. BBTF neither requires any acknowledgement of its festival in future productions, nor does it take a percentage of any future revenues or require the distribution of producer points, or instigate negotiations for credit should any participating production be approached with financial interest during or after the festival. 


BBTF strives to represent a gold standard of theatre festivals. To that end, we have dedicated ourselves to turning playwrights into producers. Teaching them organizational skills, being upfront about the costs and challenges of producing and giving them the practical support they need to mount a fully realized production.

BBTF curates, advises, nurtures, and creates community in an environment of growth for playwrights serious about honing their work and taking responsibility for their success.

We are dedicated to providing playwrights with a professional venue and all the tools they need to effectively and affordably produce and market the Off-Broadway premiere of their plays and musicals.


Speaking very truthfully, I could fill an entire gratitude journal about this process. The wonderful souls at the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival made the NYC trip so enjoyable, and I can't thank them enough for all of the work they did, and for their positivity during the whole week we were there. 

Emily Emerson
The Field

2018 Season