Love And Marriage, And The Pursuit Of Dreams After 50 Is The Subject Of New Play, Bone On Bone

Unfullfilled dreams... do they necessarily need to remain unfullfilled? While talking to an older friend recently about his life’s dreams, I asked him if he had any dreams he would still like to pursue. His answer shocked me. “I don’t know. I don’t think I have any dreams, per se,” he said with a shrug. It was a devastating thing to hear. If you are over 50, there is one thing that’s become obvious in recent years: we are living longer and chances are that there is still plenty of time for dreams, for love, even for new careers. Our dreams may change with age, but they shouldn’t disappear. This brings us to Marylou DiPietro, and her new play, Bone On Bone. “Bone On Bone” is the story of a ma

Snow White Padded Room

BOTTOM LINE: Institutionalized after a tragic accident, an amnesiac woman confronts her fractured memories and damaged relationships. Like the fairy tales it references, Snow White Padded Room greets us in the voice of patriarchal authority, with cocky young author Mason (Max Henry) as the modern version of those fairy tales' omniscient narrators. Just as those storytellers roundly define the time, place, and worlds their characters inhabit, Mason’s new book, a critical analysis of fairy tales’ impact on modern love, claims to have found the source of women’s relationship woes. Adelaide (Jennifer Wilson McGuire), Mason’s feisty former lover, quickly interrupts his discourse—her insights unra

Maria Deasy & Rachel Dart of “Mine” / Podcast

Listen in as Mine playwright Maria Deasy and director Rachel Dart discuss making connections, inspiration from Maria’s paralegal background, the brand-new Broadway Bound Theatre Festival, discoveries in rehearsal, how to deal with a show inspired by real-life events, how to be “rich and spare,” and where we fit in as links on this human chain. “…I didn’t want to make a polemic…I didn’t want to tell a story from event-to-event-to-event…I wanted to explore the idea that we’re all connected…” LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE

Tony Winners Alice Ripley, Daisy Eagan, and More Cast in Small Town Confessions

Small Town Confessions, a new play by Phil Geoffrey Bond, will be presented as part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival. Three performances will be held at the 14th Street Y on August 10 at 12:30pm, August 12 at 3:30pm, and August 14 at 7:30pm. Small Town Confessions is described in a press release as "a visit, through a collection of lively monologues, with the colorful residents of Anitola, Louisiana. Rumors of encounters with martians, a special stopover from Diana Ross, an obsession with the musical Wicked, a has-been Walt Disney World employee, a chat with the bride of Satan, and the creative use of spray glitter are all tales told in this homespun account of small-town living, hoste

Q&A: Broadway Bound Theatre Festival Playwrights on Their Work – Part 2

In a FringeNYC-less summer, other theater festivals promoting the work of up-and-coming artists are taking the lead, including the Ice Factory Festival at New Ohio, the Corkscrew Theater Festival at the Paradise Factory, and the UNFringed Festival, at the Secret Theatre. Here, we talk to three of the playwrights participating in the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival, a brand new festival whose aim is to help turn playwrights into producers. Juan Ramirez Jr. on The American Dream Wednesday, August 2, 12:30 PM; Sunday, August 6, 6:30 PM; Thursday, August 10, 4 PM Tell us about your play! The American Dream is a play about coming to terms with your reality. Corina is an optimistic immigrant under

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