BBTF crits are what set us apart from other festivals right from the start. Playwrights can get impartial feedback about their productions during any stage of the development process.

Even if you are not applying to this year's festival, you can take advantage of this service today.

Basic Crit

$75 -- Covered by the reader fee, this critique has helped all of our applicants when they apply to the festival. Now available to non-applicants, it's an objective crit of your plot and characters, along with non-prescriptive advice.

Detailed Crit (straight plays only)

$175 -- A much more detailed crit of your play, providing a close look at your work, plot, character, story arc and subplots. An analysis of what lands, what doesn't and why,  as well as non-prescriptive dramaturgical advice.

Dramaturgical Consultation

$375 -- A detailed crit is included in this option for playwrights serious about maximizing the impact of their plays. This one-on-one session with BBTF dramaturg Chris Phillips (straight plays) or Cate Cammarata (musicals) will allow you to have all your questions asked in an objective and fruitful dialogue.