This is a nonrefundable reader fee for all applications that helps compensate the professional playwrights who read your play and compose your critique. BBTF has an open submission process, which is a massive undertaking over three months of the year and includes hundreds of scripts read cover-to-cover by only three content reviewers. The enormity of this process requires that it be self-sustaining and the readers be compensated for their time and effort.


STOP! Before making this payment, if you answer YES to any of the below questions, your play is NOT ELIGIBLE for BBTF 2019. 

  • Is your play a musical?
  • Has your play been commercially produced? (Have you sold tickets or been paid for any version of your play, whether it be a reading, an excerpt or a performance?)
  • Is your play under 45 pages or over 80 pages?
  • Is your play copyrighted by anyone else other than you?
  • Are you planning to act in or direct your own play?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, STOP here. Do not pay the reader fee or submit your play because the fee is nonrefundable, so your play will be sent back to you and you will not be getting a critique.