Broadway Bound Theatre Festival Puts Playwrights Center Stage [Huffington Post]

Lenore Skomal is always asking questions. As a bestselling novelist, former journalist and playwright, she and her husband, Rick Sayers (a longtime newspaper editor) spent the better part of 2016 absorbed in mastering the art of theatre festival production, something she had not expected was so involved when she submitted to a New York City-based theater festival and was accepted along with 70-plus other participants.


The play, BLUFF, based on her bestselling novel, went on to become a finalist and receive critical acclaim. But it was the festival process that intrigued her. As a playwright, her work grew and evolved.

“The experience was so valuable,” she says, “but there was an enormous learning curve that can and is daunting for any new playwright.”

And as a producer, she quickly learned that putting a play up is an automatic crash course in production, marketing, fundraising, budgeting, management, planning, and more.

The BLUFF team sold out almost every single one of the three performances granted by the festival and then about 80% of the two extended performances.

You would think this would make them want to take a long break, but instead of jumping into producing another play, they went much bigger and decided to create an entirely new festival. Working with Abby Judd and Melissa Gordon, partners in Bear in Mind Creative—a company that provides general management and production for theater—she and her husband created Broadway Bound Theatre Festival, which will host its inaugural season at the Theatre at the 14th Street Y in NYC’s East Village. It may just be the game changer playwrights have needed for some time.

I sat down with Ms. Skomal to see what’s in store and she quickly recruited me to speak at her festival, but not before getting her to share her story... READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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