BBTF 2018 Primary Lineup

Broadway Bound, New York City’s premiere theatre festival, is delighted to announce the primary lineup of plays for its 2018 season! The festival will be held August 4 - 26, at the Theater at the 14th St Y in the heart of the electric East Village, NYC. The plays selected have been carefully curated by a panel of award-winning writers through a blind submission process and present a diverse and relevant selection of stories by writers from all over the US.

BBTF’s impact statement is to turn playwrights into producers by providing a thorough education in theatrical production. Participants are supported throughout the festival process by the professionals on the BBTF team and panel; months of practical workshops, biweekly informational packets, and script critiques, culminate in three performances on par with any professional Off Broadway production.

We would like to welcome and congratulate each of our 2018 participants (in alphabetical order by title):

A Hyacinth in the Mountains - Claire Jamison

A young Yazidi woman escapes ISIS captivity and reclaims her life in this poetically crafted work about the triumph of the human spirit.

Adele's Way - Dennis Porter

An aging academic commits suicide leaving her husband and children to figure out why.

Bergen - Steven Fechter

Four Norwegians search for a new name for their band that reflects America's collapse, but rivalries, desires, betrayals, secrets, and even suicide get in the way.

Jim's Room - Albi Gorn

As a new romance flourishes, a woman becomes convinced she is the reincarnation of her lover’s dead twin brother.

Long Lost John - Edward Zareh

The story of the tumultuous early life of an English boy who became part of the most iconic bands in music history.

Nowhere Man - Rob Dames

To ensure his best friend Harvey is never forgotten, Leon will make him famous before he dies.

Reflux - Carly Brooke Feinman

In a strange world, two young newlyweds set sail to for their honeymoon, only to find they are ill equipped to navigate the voyage.

Starbright - Sean David Robinson

The sudden appearance of an astronomer's young, dead daughter forces her to question everything she knows about the universe.

Sunset Village - Michael Presley Bobbitt

A widow moves to a notorious Florida retirement community and is drawn into the bizarre and often amusing culture of this senior citizen Never Neverland.

The Brothers Khan, an American Story - George Pfirrmann

An older brother’s attempt at strengthening his bonds with his jihadist younger sibling puts them both in an explosive, even deadly standoff.

The Chaos Theory of Now - Jennifer Joy

This unique science dramedy explores the status of today’s America set against a backdrop of the chaos and complexity theories.

The Field - Emily Emerson

A small town in Virginia is startled by the mysterious appearance and healing effects of a crop circle in one of the local fields, begging the question: Do miracles exist?

The Reigning Princess of Pop - Craig Donnelly

The world’s biggest pop star tries to expose her equally famous ex-boyfriend for what he is and ends up putting her career and life in jeopardy.

What Did Happen - Rosemary Zibart

An Israeli expat goes home to sit shiva for her father only to discover the financial and emotional chaos spawned by his Romanian housekeeper

Now in its second year, Broadway Bound Theatre Festival is also showcasing a number of staged readings and building upon our Outreach series, Plays with Purpose. We are in the process of selection and programming - please subscribe here or follow us to be kept up-to-date with our full program, as well as be notified when our tickets go on sale.

See you this summer!

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