BBTF announces its 2019 season

This year’s exciting line-up will kick off the 3rd Annual BBTF in Times Square at the world famous Theatre Row.

Congratulations to this year’s selected plays, and a warm thanks to the many talented playwrights that submitted their work. As always, it’s a difficult choice, but this year’s participants bring a new level of excitement to theatrical story-telling and we can’t wait to see their work on stage for the first time right here, in the greatest theatre city in the world!

This year’s selections:

The Savage Queen by Edgar Chisholm

Long, long ago in an ancient land, an African princess challenged the living god of the greatest civilization in the world

Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy by Henry Feldman

Welcome to South Florida of the future! Have a drink and pull up a beach chair. Oh, and never mind that silly little two feet of sea level rise … you're in Paradise after all!

Goldensbridge by Albi Gorn

Forced by aging to leave their utopian community, a socialist couple struggles to find a way to bring their ideals with them, just as their son relives his own coming of age, trying to recover the ideals he lost.

Round Went the Wheel by Frank Ceruzzi

After technology brings humanity to the brink of disaster, children take control of the world and try to forge a new way forward.

Simius by Stephen Bracco

When a feisty therapy puppet takes over the identity of his unsuspecting patient, lives are upended, faith is challenged and chaos ensues.

Picked Up by Dan Manjovi

A chance meeting between two men in a New York City bar turns into a strange, seductive game of cat and mouse.

The Argentinian Prostitute Play by Reuven Glezer

Far from the threat of anti-Semitism in Europe, the Jewish community in 1920's Buenos Aires flourishes, as hopeful arrivals new and old are ensnared in a brutal reality that offers them anything but freedom.

Basic Glitch by Stephanie Salazar-Amaro

In a world similar to ours, a young woman seeks customer service assistance in resolving an issue of vital importance: her defunct reproductive system.

The Court of Khan by Edward Precht

One of history's most complex relationships - that between explorer Marco Polo and emperor Kublai Khan - is reimagined in this quasi-modernized quasi-adaptation of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.

Mona Lisa and the Cross by KK Gordon

A world renowned photographer becomes obsessed with a hauntingly beautiful young heroin addict.

Florida Man by Michael Presley Bobbitt

Racked with guilt, a young Florida man digs up his dead father to give him the proper Viking funeral he always wanted.

Heloise by Michael Shenefelt

In this tragic and true love story, Heloise and her lover, the philosopher Abelard, hope to advance the power of reason, but they must confront a brutal medieval world and suffer terrible consequences.

Ghosts and Gaslighting by Erin Moughon

When a dead uncle leaves a strange stipulation in his will, two strangers are forced to spend the weekend at his haunted house, but an unexpected squatter and odd happenings add cartoonish complications to their stay.

Dear Ms. Kitt by Chantel McDonald

After learning of her mother's death, a young woman returns home to discover that she's inherited more than she expected.

The Pointe by Craig Donnelly

Four young dancers are about to learn what truly makes a prima ballerina a legend.

Roommates by Darcy Cagen

Two elderly women are forced to share a room in a nursing home but their past lives and present outlooks are as different as night and day.

Just Outside the Door by Esteban Alvarez

A desperate grandson kidnaps his dying grandmother to try to help her get well but must learn how to cope with depression, grief, and self-acceptance before it is too late.

Last Thought Standing by Joseph Vuotto

Six reality stories about dating, urban living, the afterlife and failed writing that assume if society doesn’t do you in, it can come close.

This year’s participants will debut their plays at The Broadway Bound Theatre Festival July 30-Aug. 25, 2019, at the 88-seat Lion Theatre in the renowned Off-Broadway performance center Theatre Row. Right on 42nd Street in the heart of the theater district, this space is the choice of many professional Off Broadway premieres.

Tickets go on sale soon. For more information you can visit or visit us on Facebook at, also on Instagram @BroadwayBoundTF

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