BBTF Announces 2020 Season

BBTF, formerly known as Broadway Bound Theatre Festival, will be the first theatre festival to open again live at Theatre Row, 410 42nd St. NYC NY September 6 through October 3, 2021. COVID-19 compliant, BBTF looks forward to safely sharing the work of their originally scheduled 2020 Season playwrights, with seven additional playwrights, to create the BBTF 2021 Season.

“We have always moved forward with confidence during these uncertain times and are happy to be one of the first Off-Broadway productions to open this late summer,” says Lenore Skomal, BBTF founder and director. “Our playwrights have hung with us, most of them believing that they would be part of BBTF 2020 last August. They have been patient and now that patience is paying off. I couldn’t be more excited about this 2021 festival.”

BBTF has undergone its own transformation since last year, aligning itself with Black Lives Matter and appointing an All Artists Anti-Racism Board to help raise awareness and create a mission statement that is targeted to breaking down existing barriers for Black, Indigenous, and playwrights and theatre-makers of color.

“The last year has been very thoughtful. I believe BBTF has transformed and will continue to transform as we decolonize white settler myths and consider what justice demands,” says Emily Goes, BBTF’s Marketing Director. “There is not a workshop or a curriculum or festival that once finished, ensures a complete understanding of equity. This is an everyday process. I’m so excited to see all the plays and musicals shine this fall, and I’m so excited for BBTF to continue providing instrumental tools and support for playwrights, theatre-makers, storytellers to produce new works that are conscious of our ever changing social, cultural and historic reality,”

See you at Theatre Row for a great lineup of new plays and musicals. Tickets go on sale May 1st. Here is the BBTF 2021 Line Up!

Banned by Iman Ahmed

THURS, 9/16 8PM

FRI, 9/17 5PM

SAT, 9/18 2PM

When an Arab-American political strategist cements her powerful position as a rising Congressman’s wife and chief advisor, an old flame returns, threatening to burn down the life she sold her soul to achieve.

Bird Watching by John Richards

FRI, 10/1 8PM SAT, 10/2 5PM SUN, 10/3 2PM

This series of four bordering-on-absurd one acts explores the importance of understanding each other--and the ultimate consequences when we don't--as seen through the eyes of an unhappy teenager, her clueless father, an overachieving student, his unbending English teacher and a prejudiced birdwatcher.

The Black Count of Monte Cristo by Michele Hampton

SAT, 9/18 5PM

SUN, 9/19 2PM

TUES, 9/21 5PM

In 19th century France, a young, black sailor sets out on a quest for revenge after his fourteen-year imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit.

Blood on My Mother’s Apron by Rachel Leighson

WEDS, 9/15 8PM

FRI, 9/17 8PM

SUN, 9/19 5PM

After English serial killer Amelia Dyer is arrested in 1896, her daughter, Polly Dyer, battles public opinion and the revelations of her mother’s trial to discover the truth of her upbringing

Brilliant by Dani Tapper

TUES, 9/28 5PM

THURS, 9/30 5PM

SAT, 10/2 2PM

When the behaviors of her atypical son become overwhelming, Sarah, a mother yearning for a picture perfect family, must learn to face reality and make difficult decisions regarding her son’s future.

Cherry House by Frank Dunham Jr.

FRI, 9/10 5PM

SUN, 9/12 5PM

SAT, 9/18 8PM

In 1858, the carefully balanced life of an African American Madam in NYC is thrown into chaos when she agrees to protect a wanted young woman from the law.

Eddie Doran’s Deal by Stephen Boulhosa

THURS, 9/23 5PM

FRI, 9/24 8PM

SAT, 9/25 2PM

In a sea of despair brought on by alcoholism, infidelity and rage, a suicidal man plays a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with his worst enemy—himself.

In This Place by Molly Nevins

TUES, 9/21 8PM

WED, 9/22 5PM

FRI, 9/24 5PM

A once-happily married couple struggles to keep their relationship alive while raising a baby in a forsaken Appalachian town.

Live From Ferguson! By Gregory S. Carr

SAT, 9/11 5PM

WED, 9/15 2PM

THURS, 9/16 5 PM

A group of courageous activists demand justice for the death of an unarmed young black man in their community in the face of a militarized police force.

Nolia: A Hip Hopera by RG

WED, 9/29 5PM

THURS, 9/30 8PM

FRI, 10/1 2PM

Newly reconnected Soja Sistas harmonize the consequences of pain, poverty, and violence, as a gang war looms and a power-hungry preacher threatens to destroy their life.

Ordained by Robert Monaco

TUES, 9/7 8PM

THURS, 9/9 8PM

SUN, 9/12 2PM

A Roman Catholic priest is forced to choose between the welfare of an abuse victim or the exposure of his own dark secrets.

Renaming Shaim by Alethea McCollin

THURS, 9/23 2PM

SAT, 9/25 8PM

SUN, 9/26 1PM

Shay is on a journey free herself from the trauma of her childhood sexual abuse and along the way she meets kindred spirits Danni and Jan who must also quell the fear of being shamed, ignored, and silenced in order to reclaim their true destiny.

S.U.N. in the U.S.A. by Michael Hagins

WEDS, 9/8 2PM

THURS, 9/9 5PM

FRI, 9/10 8PM

The dark and angry history of how white voices have been speaking for black people since the dawn of our nation and the damage silence causes a community.

The Catamite by Ben Parkhill.

TUES. 9/7 5:00 PM

WEDS, 9/8 5:00 PM

FRI, 9/10 2:00 PM

A poor cross country runner takes increasingly drastic action to stop his much wealthier teammate from applying for the scholarship on which he pinned his future, all while struggling to keep an eccentric spiritual movement from pulling his already precarious life apart

The Killing of Kings Part I by Nadira Simone

TUES, 9/28 8PM

WEDS, 9/29 8PM

THURS, 9/30 2PM

A family full of traumas, past and present, attempt to navigate to forgiveness as a Father returns home from prison.

The Last Night of the Oki Dog by Jeff Smith and Len Wechsler

WED, 9/22 2PM

THURS, 9/23 8PM

SAT, 9/25 5PM

In 1985, as the most infamous hangout on the gritty side of Hollywood closes, a young runaway and her fellow outcasts are forced to look towards uncertain futures with the destruction of the only real home and family they’ve ever known.

The Whimsical World of Sherlock Holmes by Marney and Anthony Makridakis

SAT, 9/11 8PM

TUES, 9/14 8PM

WEDS, 9/15 5PM

Sherlock Holmes and his fellow fictional characters leap off the page to live out their fantasies when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle suffers an emotional breakdown.

Well-Intentioned White People by Imani Vaughn Jones

WED, 9/29 2PM

FRI, 10/1 5PM

SAT, 10/2 8PM

Upon moving to Atlanta, Nia, a Black aspiring writer, must find a way to navigate the unexpected racial landmines of her white in-laws, her career, and society at large while trying to keep her interracial marriage and herself intact.

White Woman, Black Boy by David Holmberg

TUES, 9/14, 5PM

THURS, 9/16, 2PM

FRI, 9/17, 2PM

On the eve of her possible indictment in the notorious Emmett Till murder case, the widow of one of his killers – along with other women connected to the incident -- comes to terms with her terrible past

Tickets go on sale in late May. For more information you can visit or visit us on Facebook at, also on Instagram @BroadwayBoundTheatreFestival

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